"Hats off to beautiful femmes" by Ivan E Coyote

One of the troubles with the internet is that sometimes you come across something incredibly awesome, and then you forget all the identifying details about it.  Maybe you remember a few phrases that really stand out, but the major pieces of information -- title, artist, source -- are gone. One of the advantages of the internet, when you have a blog[1. Literally a contraction of "Web Log," a record of all the things one sees when browsing the internet] is that you can create new permalinks to that stuff, where you know you'll be able to find it.

Today, I decided to try to track down one of those lost items, a poem that I remember made me choke up when I first heard it.

I started by throwing out all the search terms I could think of that were broadly related: beat poet, gay beat poet, lesbian poet video search, and so on.

Then I tried the couple phrases that really stood out to me.  "Matching bra and panties" got a lot of results, but I think the search may have been a bit too broad.  Adding to that a handful of other phrases didn't help, it eventually whittled down to "Did you mean...?" results for broader, unrelated searches.

I tried: closet "Made of glass"; but that didn't work.  Then, pretty sure that I might have remembered the exact phrasing, I tried "My closet was always made of glass," and I found this link.

The poem is by Ivan E Coyote, and is titled "Hats off to beautiful femmes" on that site I just linked.  There are actually a few youtube videos of the reading, but I found the one that I remembered, the one that I wanted to find again.  It's titled To all of the kick ass, beautiful fierce femmes out there...