Charity Debt: Rootstrikers

My charity debt page is still screwed up, so this won't be going in the ledger quite yet.  (Which, by the way, I should really back up.) Nonetheless, March's commitment is going to Rootstrikers, the organization founded by Lawrence Lessig to get the corruption of campaign funding out of politics.

Corruption is the one major issue that doesn't really have a party split.  Everyone is affected.  And it's not just buying votes on big bills -- the influence he describes is more than a simple "I want you to do this, here's some money so you'll do it."  He describes politicians undermining the best interests of both the public and the corporations, in order to make it necessary for the corporations to keep donating, every election cycle.  He describes politicians treating congress as an internship before graduating into lobbying.

He lays it all out in a Google talk, @Google:  Lawrence Lessig:  Republic, Lost...

Rootstrikers's website is right here, and they could definitely use our money.