1993 in New York

(via Laughing Squid) Apparently, 1993 was an incredibly important year in the history of New York.  Important enough that the New Museum has put together a museum instillation, running until May 26, 2013, that's all about stuff that was going on in New York in 1993, featuring all art that was debuted in 1993.  But apart from that, they've got a really cool ad campaign/instillation piece set up on 5,000 pay phones around the city.

If you go to any of the relevant payphones in New York (which are marked with stickers) and dial 1-(855)-FOR-1993, you'll hear a recording of someone who lived there in 1993, about what the block was like then.

Recalling 1993 from Droga5 NY on Vimeo.

I can't tell if this was going on when I was in New York in January.  It probably wasn't, but either way I'm sad I'm not going to get the chance to find a couple of these pay phones.  For one thing, it's 5,000 stories about life before the internet.