I work for the newspaper at my college, and we have a newsroom.  In that newsroom, we have computers -- which, for a very long time, were mostly terrible and old.  I was assigned one of the oldest, terriblist of the computers, which made my work highly unpleasant until someone with a better computer went home and I could move over to a different seat. Immediately before Spring Break, though, the school's IT department came in and replaced all the old, crappy computers with big, shiny, new ones.  It turns out, we're behind on updates because half the computers were so old we couldn't download useful programs on them.

So today, apart from working on a newspaper, I've been exploring a fully functional Mac.  And it is a pretty nice experience.  Except --

All the keyboard shortcuts are different.  And it's so much harder to manage multiple windows.  And the expand button doesn't expand windows to take up the entire screen.  And the IT department didn't give the Observer employee accounts admin access, which isn't really Apple's fault but still.

My biggest problem with Apple, honestly, is that at the end of the day, when I go back to my PC, sometimes I hit alt+C when I'm trying to copy something (or some similar mistake) because on the Mac I have to hit command+C to copy.  And the buttons I hold down to move around in text by word rather than by character are different.  And command+tab (functional equivalent of alt-tab) scrolls by program, not by window.

But, yeah.  Apart from these annoying quirks, Apple is great.  And I've got a fun new computer to play with.