A personal account of a trip to the mall

I went to the Mall at Rockingham Park today, with my partner.  We went for food, and to look at tablets.  So, the first stop was Bertucci's. I had the four-cheese ravioli, which was good, but the shells were cartoonishly yellow, and a side ceasar salad.  The salad wasn't totally awful, but it had some major problems -- first among them, the cheese.  According to Wikipedia, Parmesan cheese is the standard for caesar salad.  That's what I had thought it was.  But Bertucci's chose instead to use Asiago cheese, which tastes like someone stuck Parmesan cheese into an unwashed tube sock and left it out to moisten in the morning dew.[1. I recognize the existence of people who like a variety of cheeses, and I have nothing against them.  I am annoyed, though, when those obscure cheeses make it into my salad, instead of one of my favorite cheeses, Parmesan, in one of my favorite contexts, caesar salad.]  Fortunately the chunks were big enough to move all off onto the side of the plate.

After Bertucci's, we went and looked at tablets, and then laptops.  We didn't ask about anything at the Apple store, but at the Windows store, I asked a salesperson about what kind of laptops are good for gaming -- like, what I could use to play Sim City.  Or, rather, I asked him about a specific laptop, and whether I could play Sim City on it.  He immediately took me over to the most expensive laptop, and explained that it was the best laptop for gaming that they sold.  I tried several times to divert him back to the cheaper ones, but he wasn't interested in telling me much about what I could get out of a less expensive laptop.  Having been to the Apple store before, if they still operate the way they used to, I think I've spotted a difference:  at the Apple store, if I had asked, "What's the cheapest thing you sell that can do X?", they would have told me.

The place where the Borders I used to work at used to be, which has gone through (I think) three other businesses now, is being turned into a Bath and Body Works.  I am still sad that Borders went out of business.

All this makes it sound pretty horrible, but I actually had a great time.  The handful of bad things seem to be easier to write down than the good ones, but for each disappointing experience listed above, there were a hundred small, pleasanter moments with my partner, whom I love very much.

Today has been, and seems like it will continue to be, a good day.