New rules.

It's time to set some new rules for a while.  Starting off:  the end of this month, March 30; The Friday before the last week of classes this semester, May 3; Readercon 24, July 11.  The rules will be decreasingly heavy as they get farther out -- I'll layer in more if I think I can handle it, but I'm leaving myself enough slack to adjust.  There will also be a couple short-term deadlines. These are cumulative -- they all go into effect today, they just end when those deadlines hit.


  • Get my Critters score back up over 75%
  • Put a story in the Critters queue
  • Submit a story for publication

Until March 30

  • Pixar drill every day

Until May 3

  • Short story every week
  • Second-drafts of all the short stories I like

Until July 11

  • Keep my Critters score over 75%
  • Always have a story in the Critters queue
  • Read one short story from an SFWA qualifying venue every day

I'm also starting a new workflow:  Every week, I write the full version of one of the Pixar drill stories.  (Unless I have a better idea, in which case I can write that.)  Every one of the stories I like enough, I will write the second draft.  Everything that gets a second draft goes to the Critters queue.  Everything that goes through Critters gets a third draft and gets submitted for publication.  A story has to be rejected 10 times before I can do a fourth draft.