Pants Points Report (&etc.)

This week: 238/350; total so far: 1871/2350.  This is the end point for this run of the rules, but I think they've been going well so far, so I'm going to stick with v2 for now. On Monday, in last Friday's pants points report, I talked about how anxious I was to hear back from Clarion.  I am still anxious.  No email has yet come.  As it turns out, Clarion does not send out all their responses, at the same time, on the same day, every year.  Which is disappointing.

I've also found a rumor on Twitter that people who are accepted get a phone call, and that everyone who was going to get accepted would hear this week.  They just looked like rumors, though.  I really have no idea.

I talked yesterday, too, about how much this week sucked:

 I don’t actually believe in a balance of luck or karma one way or the other, but I figured it would be better to think “I’m facing a lot of bad luck right now, it’s probably just a buildup of karmic debt to pre-balance my getting into Clarion later this week,” rather than thinking “I’m having such an awful week, I’m probably not going to get into Clarion, either.”

I didn't get the cherry on top of the sundae of suck that would have been getting a rejection email, but I didn't get the relief of an acceptance email, either.  (Or even the explicit, time-sensitive extension of anxiety of getting waitlisted.)  Any of these options might still come tonight.

Still, I have a lot that is worth looking forward to, tonight.  Caitlin and I are going to hang out with Violet and watch Friends.