The Daily Show without Jon Stewart this summer

For twelve weeks this summer, the Daily Show is going to have a different host.  According to the New York Times Jon Stewart is taking time off to direct a movie called "Rosewater," which sounds like it's probably not going to be a light political satire because it's an adaptation of a memoir about the imprisonment of an Iranian Canadian journalist.  Now, I haven't read the book.  Maybe it's hilarious.  I'm just saying I wouldn't be surprised if it's not. The Times's article is mostly about the role that the Daily Show, and Jon Stewart, played in the imprisonment of the aforementioned journalist -- he was arrested on espionage charges because he participated in a joke interview that featured Jason Jones, dressed as a spy.

The part of this news I'm most excited about, though (and I feel really awful for changing the topic from an imprisoned journalist to get to this) is that John Oliver is covering for Stewart during his absence.

After Stewart, John Oliver is my favorite person involved in the Daily Show.  In fact, after Stewart, John Oliver is probably my favorite person who's appeared more than once on Comedy Central.  This is great news.