A fiction magazine that needs your money

(via Boing Boing) I often feel pretty guilty about not being able to donate to Kickstarter campaigns I want to support.  Generally, I think it's a little bit like making up for it when I point them out to my readers.  This time, though, it seems like it might actually be extra-selfish.

Fireside Magazine is a multi-genre fiction magazine that published three issues last year, each one funded by Kickstarter. They think that method is unsustainable, so they're trying to do a monthly magazine, funded in part by one big Kickstarter at the front-end.  They're asking for $25,000; they're at $7,600 so far, with 18 days to go.

The reason this is selfish is that one of Fireside's mission statements is to offer their writers fair pay.  I can't put any of the money up, but I'm hoping they exist as a market for me to submit to eventually...

But even if I never get anything in, I still want to support, or at least beg other people to support, sources of good fiction that pay their writers fair wages.  (Even if the editor is wearing a fedora and drinking scotch in his picture.)