Printer's type, stamps


Above is pictured the only set of stamps I've been able to find, after about an hour's looking, that contains an @ sign.  It's thirteen dollars, currently out of stock, and kind of ugly.

What I really want is a moveable type kit, because I want to be able to construct words, phrases or sentences that I can stamp a significant number of times, then disassemble and use for something else.  (What I want even more than that is a full moveable type workshop, with all the necessary equipment, and enough of all the letters, that, if I wanted to, I could hand-assemble one of my short stories and put it out on a broadsheet.)

What I don't want is a set of rubber stamps that come with one of each letter, in a cute font, that would require me to spell out each individual word every time I want to stamp it.  That would be awful.

Isn't there some hipster company, somewhere, that makes home printer's type kits?  Seriously, I want to know.