The dark history of Monopoly

A few years ago I worked at a game store, and during that time, I learned a lot of interesting trivia.  By far my favorite piece, though, was that Monopoly, the most notoriously unpleasant game still mainstream, was actually invented by a communist, and was designed, on purpose, to suck for everyone except the one player who ended up with all the power. A few details of that story are wrong.  Elizabeth Maggie Phillips, the inventor of Monopoly, originally called it The Landlord's Game, and she was a Georgist, not a communist.  Georgism is, according to Wikipeida, "an economic philosophy and ideology that holds that people own what they create, but that things found in nature, most importantly land, belong equally to all."

According to Mental_Floss,

Magie believed The Landlords’ Game would show the world as it is, and might hopefully inspire reforms. “Let the children once see clearly the gross injustice of our present land system and when they grow up, if they are allowed to develop naturally, the evil will soon be remedied,” she said two years before she patented her idea.

So, if you've ever wondered why Monopoly sucks so much, now you know.  It's designed to.