Media Diary

My Mass Media course has a new homework assignment today -- we are to keep a 5-day journal of all the media we consume.  I started as soon as I got the assignment, writing up the media I consumed before I got to that class (Webcomics in the morning, radio on the way to school, reading The New Moon's Arms by Nalo Hopkinson, reading Reddit in the bathroom, texting, text books, historical texts...) and continued thereafter -- I'm already at over a page's worth of content.

I am debating whether to publish the diary here, after I've finished.  We've been told we're allowed to omit porn, (not exactly, but the teacher was very clear about our not having to list things we're not comfortable sharing,) but we're supposed to cover everything else.

If I do decide to publish it, I definitely can't count it towards my daily wordcount.  That would absolutely be cheating -- I'm only up to 4:30 on the first day and it's already at 351 words.