Charity Debt: Planned Parenthood (again)

So I forgot about the charity debt this month.  I've been busy. There are categories of charity I really want to address -- mental health, art, education -- but I didn't get around to looking for any particularly good ones this month, that fit into my model (they have to be specifically stable enough that a $5 donation 10+ months from now is functionally similar to a $5 donation now, so things like Kickstarters, for example, are automatically off the table.)

So, this month, I'm putting another $5 on the list for Planned Parenthood.  There's a reason I picked them first -- Planned Parenthood is one of the most unambiguously important and good charities on my list, and it's the one I see most often attacked.

I've also been thinking over the last few days about the relative utility of picking a few charities for regular attention, versus choosing a new one every month, and while I'm not done casting my net (and not ready to start actually paying the commitments) I think I should have an eye on my list for which charities I'd like to regularly support, when I have the income to do so.

The only easy choice on that list is Planned Parenthood, so they're the obvious choice for if I'm doing a month with a charity I've listed before.