Review: the first fifteen minutes of The Following

I started watching Fox's new show, The Following, this morning.  When I say started, I don't mean that I watched the first episode and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.  I mean I got fifteen minutes in and I couldn't fracking stand it anymore. The Following was disappointing.  It started out with an uninspired and uncreative jail break.  Fine, whatever.  Then, it cut to Kevin Bacon, the grizzled, doesn't-play-by-the-rules former FBI agent getting called back in because he's the only one who knows how to handle this particular criminal.  Also he wrote a book.

Fine.  I'll bite.  Maybe they're just getting off to a rough start.  Oh, and the criminal is super into American fiction from the Romantic era.  He's super into Poe.  So, he believes in the mystical nature of writing, like Poe.  Only, Poe didn't believe that.  Poe was very specific about the mechanical, professional nature of his work.  So that was annoying.

And then Kevin Bacon meets the expert, whose analysis of the serial killer he quickly dismisses as wrong because reasons, then that expert geeks out because Kevin Bacon's character is a fracking superhero apparently and I guess there's only like one serial killer ever because everyone on the show was involved in the case somehow or did their thesis on it.  Yet, Kevin Bacon remains the only available expert.

I stuck it out through the first commercial break, but then when it got to the blatantly stereotypical gay men in the previous victim's apartment I couldn't stand it anymore so I shut it off.

This show sucks.  I'm amazed how much this show sucks.