Evening of Awesome

If all has gone according to plan, as of this post's publication I am in New York.  Probably, I'm in the process of walking from the bus station to Carnegie Hall, for John and Hank Green's Evening of Awesome.  And if all has gone according, not to plan, but to expectation, I am terrified. Not of New York in particular, but of being in a situation where I am very far from home with very limited options if things don't go quite according to plan.  It's particularly stressful because I'm hoping to have a very good night, and if that doesn't happen, it's going to be more disappointing than usual.  Bad nights are one thing, bad nights during which I've spent several hours in Carnegie Hall watching two people I admire talk is quite another thing.

To be honest I don't even begin to know what to expect, so I can hardly blog about it in advance.  In consequence, the blogging about the Evening of Awesome will have to wait until tomorrow, Wednesday, some time in the evening.  And probably written kind of loopily, because I don't get home unitl noon of the following day.