Minecraft's "Redstone Update"

A new snapshot came out for the next coming edition of Minecraft -- version 1.5, the Redstone Update.  (Snapshots are pre-releases of the game in progress put out by Mojang for dedicated fans who want to play around with the new features, and help identify bugs.) Docm77, one of the YouTube minecraft players I follow, released a video of him and some of his friends playing around with the new features:

Cool stuff that I'm really looking forward to:

  • Light sensors.  These could plausibly be used for a sunlight based mob sorter, by turning the system off at night so it doesn't drop zombies and skeletons down the creeper hole.
  • Hoppers.  I haven't played with these in Feed the Beast yet, but I am nonetheless thrilled that they are being added to vanilla minecraft.  Having something to pick up blocks that are dropped, for one thing, sounds awesome.
  • Redstone blocks.  Because storage.  (I wonder if, when they come out, you'll be able to send a signal to shut them off?)
  • Trapped chests. Because awesome.

Stuff I'm less excited about:

  • The new stuff in the nether.  Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that they're developing the nether further than they have so far.  But I'm not that impressed with the stuff they came up with, and I'm looking forward to the (hopefully someday coming) day when the nether and the end have complex biomes just like the overworld.

Long story short:  I'm thrilled about the features of this update, and I look forward to its coming out.  Also: It will be funny when the new redstone logic breaks all of Etho's stuff.