Pants Points Report

Current score: 448/550 The system is going along pretty well.  There have been a few not-perfect days -- On one day I couldn't find a clean overshirt, on another I felt awful all day and never put on more than pajamas.

For version 2, I'm considering an update to the multipliers.  For some of the smaller items, which I am more likely to wear if they're not clean, (socks, underwear, t-shirts) I might increase the clean bonus to x3.  This would mean the max score would be 42, and the perfect day bonus would only be 8 points, rather than the current 13.

I will be sticking to the current score table for this whole trial, though.  I'm thinking I will implement a rules update in order to use the system for next semester at school.  (With one run per semester and one run per vacation, I can get 4 trials done a year, meaning I might be able to refine the system to the best possible implementation by next fall.)