Pants Points: report and version update

As I wrote on Tuesday, I've started a new system for forcing myself to get out of bed and put on clothes this vacation.  I'm calling it Pants Points, and this is the first version update. This is the v1 score table.  All iterations of this vacation's Pants Points scorekeeping will use this table -- it may be updated in the future, but to keep this winter's game coherent I'm going to use the same scorekeeping the whole way through.

[table id=3 /]

Version 1.0 rules:

  • For a perfect day (all items on the list, clean) the day's score gets bumped up to 50 points.  The total possible points without this bonus is 37, so that's a 13 point bonus.

Version 1.1 update:

  • The day's score is locked in the first time I leave the property of wherever I woke up.  (That means if I crash at someone's house, I need to have a change of clothes with me or I'm not getting points for that day.  It also means I can't run out to a gas station in a t-shirt and dirty pants, then come home and put on a clean outfit to blog.)

I'm also adding a page for the Pants Points rules in the Rules section of my pages.  It's unlisted, so it doesn't show up in the drop down menu, but you should be able to find it if you scroll to the bottom of the rules page.  Also, here's a direct link.


I'm happy to say that my score so far is 150/150, a perfect score up to this point!  It appears that this system has at least the potential to work.