Playing for Keeps

You know something that's really frustrating?  Seeing ads on YouTube, every day, for a crappy romantic comedy[1. I have no reason to think the movie Playing for Keeps is actually going to be bad, but it annoys me enough to assume it is.] that shares a name with a book you really like.  Playing For Keeps, by Mur Lafferty, is a novel about a world in which a huge number of people have super powers.  Specifically, it's about the lives of the people with the crappier powers, and how the people with the good powers push them around.  It's an excellent novel, and it would make an awesome movie.

Playing for Keeps, the 2012 film starring Gerard Butler, seems, based on its Wikipedia description, like it will make a terrible film.  But it comes out in like a week, and it features a bunch of stars and promoted by people with huge advertising budgets, so ads for it are all over YouTube.

Which is annoying.

Here's the Amazon link to the good Playing For Keeps, again.