Best. Strike. Ever.

SourceFed reports on a push by labor organizers to get WalMart employees to strike on Black Friday.  I want this to happen so bad you have no idea.

According to the video, WalMart employees are kept at low enough wages and hours that, on average, costs the government $2.66 billion through assistance programs like food stamps.  So, I guess, never mind the arguments about poor people gaming the system so they don't have to work as hard as everyone else.  It turns out, it's major corporations gaming the system to get the government to subsidize employee pay and benefits.

Also, apparently, there's this:

The last straw for Walmart’s workers was the announcement that they were having their earliest opening for Black Friday ever – 8 pm on Thanksgiving Day. 

Again:  I want this to happen, so bad, you have no idea.