A job coming back? Rumor about Foxconn coming to Detroit or LA

Via TechCrunch DigiTimes reports that Foxconn, the Chinese company that does a lot of Apple's manufacturing, is looking into setting up plants in the US, specifically "conducting evaluations in cities such as Detroit and Los Angeles".   I don't know much about DigiTimes's credibility, but TechCrunch doesn't appear to put a huge amount of stock in their predictions:

We can obviously take Digitimes with a grain of salt here, but the prospect of having a plant in Detroit could revitalize old plants that are currently rusting away at the city’s core.

Foxconn is possibly best known for having working conditions so horrible that they had to put nets outside their buildings to minimize employee suicide.

During the second debate, Romney talked about getting jobs back from China.  I wonder if these are the jobs he's talking about -- I prefer Obama's position, some of the jobs aren't coming back, and that's good, because they're terrible jobs and Americans should have better.