Gender-swapped Legend of Zelda

Ars Technica writes about an awesome father's total rewrite of the text of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker to refer to Link as a woman rather than a man in every instance, to give his daughter a good female hero to look up to.

The modifications proved a bit tricky, since the new female-oriented wording had to be a byte-for-byte alteration of the original; even throwing in "she" in place of "he" would mess things up. So Hoye got creative, using words like “milady” in place of “my lad” and “master."

“Sentences need to be changed or reworded just because 'young lady' is one character longer than 'young man,' line breaks need to be in about the right places, that sort of thing,” Hoye told Ars via e-mail.

This is demand: here's hoping the game industry sees it as a reason to supply.  A good first step would be taking games like Legend of Zelda, where it wouldn't be that had to pass off the main character as female, and adding a settings feature for a gender-swapped version of the script.

I like the idea of gender neutral games too, but it's harder to make them work as genuinely gender neutral -- people attribute maleness to them.  It'd be nice to see gender neutral games with pronoun choice sets for dialogue.  He, she, them, it, xe, etc.

Still looking forward to Anita Sarkeezian's series, by the way.  Haven't heard much about it, but she generally goes a while between updates and I'm sure it's going to take a very long time to play through all the games she committed to.  Those videos are going to be awesome when they come out.