Charity Debt: The Wikimedia Foundation

I'm a few days late on picking a charity this month, partly because I forgot that, after Halloween, a new month started, and partly because the biggest issue that's been weighing on my mind is the election.  I'd love to give a contribution to the Obama campaign, but it's kind of pointless to promise to donate money sometime in the indeterminate future to help a campaign that will be over tomorrow.  For a similar reason, I'm not donating to Hurricane Sandy relief, although I do have the Red Cross, or other emergency relief organizations, in mind for a future pick. I picked the Wikimedia Foundation for this month, the people behind Wikipedia, partly because I've meant to donate to them for a long time now.  I think that Wikipedia is one of humankind's great achievements -- on a sort of second-tier, alongside stuff like the scientific journal or public education, but not on level with the printing press or the internet.  I get a lot of use out of Wikipedia, and it's important to me.

I also picked them because the organization I was going to donate to,, doesn't show up on Charity Navigator -- instead, when you search for them, one of the results is the Wikimedia Foundation, which has 4 out of 4 stars.  Public Knowledge has been open in a tab on my computer for about two weeks, I keep meaning to look into them.  I still plan on investigating further, but the fact that they aren't on Charity Navigator kind of sketches me out.

As usual, I won't be able to make this donation for a while.  (I've got a lot to get through before this one comes up in line.)  If you want the list, click here.  And, here's a video of Jimmy Wales at TED talking about Wikipedia.