Typing speed on phones

Man, I really thought that last post was over 700 words. It was only about 300. Writing takes so much longer on the phone. Every letter typed feels monumental compared to the effort of working with a keyboard.  I'm used to the words flickering by, almost as fast as I can think them.  But here, I sometimes get so far ahead of my fingers that I can't remember how the sentence I'm writing was supposed to go. This is the value of concrete skills, of learning how to do things and cultivating talents. I'm a fairly good thinker, but for a long time I wasn't able to write well enough -- literally, I couldn't choose good words at a high enough speed and put them down onto paper or a screen -- to be able to do anything productive with that skill set.

I'm still not as fast and as clever as I would like. Sometimes I get tripped up in a sort of arcane jargon, unable to find clear, common words that mean the things I'm trying to say. But continual practice makes me better every day than I was the day before. Roughly. More accurately, I am better or worse one day after another more or less unpredictably due to conditions of health, inspiration, or preoccupation, but with a general upward trend over longer timescales, like years.  Like with climate change.