Power outage and wind

The power is out today at my house. It's been out for about six hours now, but fortunately we have a generator, so our TV is working. My partner and I have been knitting and watching Boston Legal. (I've been learning to knit.) Since we have the generator, the power being mostly out is pretty fun. Like camping. This is how I imagine better nights would be in the zombie apocalypse, when we feel safe enough about having a generator running. I would hope there would be enough of an internet left for me to blog the zombie apocalypse -- that would be a fun fiction project, anyway.

Last time I was blogging off my phone, I remember it being very disjointed and choppy. I'm beginning to feel like that might be inherent in the medium, or the method. (Is input method a sufficiently large difference to constitute a different medium?)  Now, I keep remembering stories from my childhood, like the time I was the only person in my middle school shop class who didn't get a partner for the model house project.

We had to make a house out of balsa wood, tissue paper for the walls, construction paper for the roof, and it had to have a front door and a certain number of windows. We were instructed to build a house that could stand up to the specific conditions of its hypothetical environment.  Those conditions were intense winds; the house would be tested on its ability to stand up to a powerful fan.

My house had two window blow-outs, but if I remember it correctly it did better than any of the other houses.

I remember taking away from that a strong lesson about the problems with teamwork. I wonder now if it's possible to construct tasks for students designed for teamwork, which are genuinely beyond the powers of any individual to achieve?

Or maybe I was just cleverer than everyone else in my class.