India's nuclear reactors

Thorium fangirls and fanboys, rejoice! (Myself included.)  India is building a Thorium Reactor, a type of nuclear reactor that runs on the common mineral Thorium rather than the rare, dangerous mineral, Uranium. Or, they're hoping to build a serious one within five years.  They're looking into it, quite seriously, because they don't have access to the necessary volume of Uranium to keep up with India's demand.  India is well known for its struggle powering the country, so they're in a great position to switch over to the much more abundant Thorium.

The video on Vice's article quotes Harold F. McFarlane, the former president of the American Nuclear Society:

[... I] expect that this would be the best facility in the world to obtain benchmark data for thorium-powered reactors and it can be a wonderful research tool for training new generations of scientists.

The reactor they've built produces essentially no power.  Instead, it is overwhelmingly well-designed to change the parameters to maximize the quantity and quality of the data they can produce.

From Vice's article:

Thorium is abundant in India (and pretty much everywhere else), and the plant, which itself will largely be used as an experimental facility, will generate 65% of its power from the famed radioactive chemical element. DT notes that the “first AHWR reactor – with thorium for fuel — will be used to test new technologies on safety as well as on thorium fuel cycle … It will be India’s first step to embrace thorium as the nuclear fuel of choice.”

If this reactor's tests are successful, the scientists are looking forward to providing India with sufficient energy for the next 100-250 years.  Here's the video: