Live Blogging the Third Debate

I'm not as late showing up this time as I was for the last one -- and I didn't miss it altogether, like I did the first one.  Yay, me!  Alright, snacks ready, stream running, and I'm ready to live blog this thing. 9:22pm

Okay, I like that Romney is saying he doesn't want to put US soldiers in Syria.  But I don't know how he thinks you can give an insurgency weapons that can't be used against us our our allies.  And he still wants to increase defense spending.


"Our purpose is to make sure the world is peaceful."  That's a nice sounding idea, but it's not really America's job. We're not capable of it, no amount of making us stronger is capable of it.

Crossed that bit out, because it's not a nice idea: it's White Man's Burden.  America's Burden to Police the World is imperialistic, colonial and wrongheaded.


"America has the responsibility and the privilege..." Jesus Crap, Romney is the most entitled sounding person ever.  Nothing is anyone else's problem.  All the wrong in the world is his, and he's the only one who can fix it.  Romney seems to think that what the suffering people of the world really need, deep down, is for him and his businessman friends to be nice to them.

That said, Obama's "America is the one indespensible nation" is also pretty douchey.  But he talks about alliances, not about charity, and he talks about the needs of America.  You know, the country he governs.

Obama is right -- America is not a platonically powerful nation.  We need to work on ourselves if we're able to help other countries -- and we should approach helping them as equals.


Romney: Obama promised 5.4% unemployment, we're 9 million short of that.

There should be a rule in debates that requires all sets of related figures to be presented in the same format.  How much less than 5.4% is 9 million? 2%? 0.024%?  I have no idea.

Would you quit saying "The road to Greece?"  God.  You're such a douche.


Romney is seriously bragging about being the best in education compared to the rest of America?  I don't care if they're better than the rest of America.  I care whether they come near any of the other industrialized nations.

Cutting 5% of everything apart from the Military?  Awesome.  That's roughly no money.

"We spend more on our Military than the next 10 countries combined."  Is he lowballing?  I think he's actually lowballing there.

About Romney's vague budget: it seems like he's asking to be elected by telling everyone who might support him, but stands opposed to the other people who might support him, "Don't worry.  I'm only lying to the other guys."  Either he plans on getting the office and screwing over all his rich friends (which, fine, great) or he plans on getting into office and screwing over the poor.

EFF YEAH -- We have fewer planes -- we also have fewer horses and bayonettes!  I LOVE OBAMA.  THANK YOU FOR RECOGNIZING THE EXISTENCE OF CHANGING TECHNOLOGY.


"Would either of you be willing to declare that an attack on Israel is an attack on the United States?"  Damn, that's super-imperial.  And we make that promise to other countries?  Ick.

Okay, I don't like it, but it's kind of funny to see Obama side-stepping the question like that -- "will stand with Israel if attacked."

Hahaha, Romney's going to stop America from taking a country's oil.  That's hilarious.


"America has not dictated other nations.  We have freed other nations from dictation."  Damn, Romney's platform really is all about Jingoism.

Romney: We wouldn't get that call.  My budget does balance.  Everything I say is true.  All the problems I'm not prepared for don't exist, la la la la.


I don't like that Obama is proud of killing Bin Laden.  I don't like the idea of anyone being proud of killing anyone else.  But pragmatically speaking, I do think it was probably the right thing -- and he's at least appropriately respectful about the gravity of the thing.

I like that Romney just tried to talk the moderator out of moving forward and the moderator was like, "Nope.  You just did what you're complaining about."


Wasn't paying attention for about five minutes.


Obama brings up China and "Playing by the rules."  I still don't get that.  What rules?  Where is this rule book?  Why is it cheating?  Why is it not promoting injustice?  Breaking treaties?  Rules are the shit that govern classrooms.  Laws, treaties, international agreements -- that's the language of the national stage.  Why is it being reduced to a childish jargon?


OH GOD ROMNEY QUIT WHINING.  Oh no, they're stealing intellectual property.  Because it's fucking 1950 and there's no such thing as the internet.

Economic future is not in retaining dominance over scarce objects.  That's absurd and nonsensical, that system has been theoretically dead for about five years.  I'm voting for Obama because he understands that 2016 is going to be radically different, technologically, than 2012, just like 2012 was radically different from 2008.

Heh.  Obama said America is a Pacific power.  I thought for a second that he'd mispronounced "Specific."


"Attacking someone else is not a plan."  Starts attacking Bush.

Is Romney complaining about the government investing in Tesla?  Now I want to punch him.  In the face.  With a brick.

I feel about Romney right now the way I feel about Joffrey Baratheon.


Romney: Let's make America the most attractive place in the world, and kick everyone else out.

Caitlin sez:

I love Big Bird.  I love women.  I love teachers.

Still, definitely, totally voting for Obama.

Signing off now.