I'm getting a job today!

I will not say that I am going job searching.  That is not what I intend to do.  Today, I will not meekly wander, asking various places of business if they might find it in their hearts to pay me minimum wage to sweep floors, wash dishes or stock shelves.  I will not idle among shops, vaguely filling out applications and mostly just having a good time.  Today, I walk with purpose.  Today, I shall wrest employment from the cold grip of the Capitalist system. Or, you know, I'll fail.  That's totally possible.  In that case, I move on to the list of less desirable jobs.

I had hoped to find the scene from How I Met Your Mother where Marshall is talking to himself in a mirror about getting a job, but it doesn't seem to be anywhere on YouTube.  (Damn copyright and stuff.)  I recommend that you imagine it, instead.

I will report back on my success or failure later today.