The Windstrument, a new kind of windmill

I never really got the anti-wind power argument that goes, "It will kill so many birds!"  Like coal and oil doesn't?  Does every death caused directly by the machine creating the energy count for a thousand caused indirectly by the environmental damage the machine does? Regardless, that doesn't seem to be a problem anymore:

The shape of the turbine’s blades are called conical helicoids, inspired by the design of racing sails and capable of sustaining their functionality even in fierce winds. And unlike other turbines, the Windstrument’s design disperses the air in such a way that birds don’t get sucked in. In nearly two years of trials in a wetland heavily populated by birds, not a single one was harmed.

That quote is from an article about the Windstrument, a new design of wind turbine that allows for multiple turbines on a single pillar, called a "Windorchard."  The article focuses on the fact that, unlike existing windmill designs, the Windstrument is far more scaleable.  It can be installed on rooftops to power buildings, or even neighborhoods, and can bring wind power to places that couldn't possibly have had it before.