High Fidelity (movie)

After I reblogged a couple of gifs from High Fidelity on Tumblr yesterday, my partner insisted we watch the movie.  I eagerly agreed, because I've wanted to get around to seeing it for a long time.

I reblogged the images because I think they reflect truths, and I felt like there was a lot of true stuff in High Fidelity.  There was also a lot of bollocks, but I don't think it really romanticizes Rob's intermittent misogyny and horribleness -- though I can see the validity of the opposite interpretation.

I thought a lot about a quote I read this weekend while I was watching the movie.  It's from The Iron Dragon's Daughter, which I haven't read.  It was quoted in the Cambridge Companion to Fantasy Literature.

We are all of us living stories that on some deep level give us satisfaction.  If we are unhappy with our stories, that is not enough to free us from them.

Knowing you're living a miserable narrative doesn't mean you can break out of that miserable narrative.  (This paragraph broken because it contains spoilers, below the fold.)

But Rob seems to manage just that in this movie, ultimately inverting all of his prejudices.  The punk kids are good musicians, he stays with his girlfriend (and proposes to her) because they're both too exhausted to keep trying to look for anything better, he doesn't chase the girl who works for the magazine and his friend is a fantastic singer.