Hey, look: copyright law used to silence bloggers for no reason!

TechDirt writes about a woman who wrote a blog post, covering her experience at a training exercise her company held.  She wasn't critical of the company, or the exercise.  She didn't reveal any of the secret punchline-style information that usually follows these exercises.  All she did was quote this portion of the description at the beginning of the scenario:

You’re on a plane that crashed in the Sonora desert. The pilot and copilot are dead, but you and your classmates are unharmed. Your plane was 70 miles off the course that was filed prior to take off and you crashed 50 miles southwest of a mining camp. You have 15 items with which to survive. Rank them from most important to least important.

For that, 2 years after she wrote the post, the company issued a take-down notice.  She pointed out that it's obviously fair use, but didn't fight it, because, at best, she could win back the costs of the fight.