the debates that I haven't seen yet

I didn't get to watch it last night, and I'm not going to have time to watch it tonight.  Or, probably, all weekend.  But I'm really looking forward to seeing the presidential debate. Thing is, I'm already hearing references to it all over the place.  Tumblr is covered in jokes.  I know that Romney barreled over the moderator.  I know that his points are compelling and reasonable, and that the problem is that his argument doesn't mesh with anything he's been saying for weeks.  I know Obama's debating was unsatisfying for a lot of people.

The other day, I saw a graph that showed that the coverage one watches during or after the debate affect the outcome of the debate more than the choices or statements of the debaters themselves.  I've also been reminded, several times recently, of the Nixon/Kennedy debate -- the one where having a TV or not having one massively affected who you thought won the debate.

So I wonder what it's going to be like, for me, watching this debate with all this pre-existing content floating around in my head. l I still think it's worth watching, because it's worth getting the additional information.  But it's going to be weird.  It's going to be sort of not-the-way-it's-meant-to-be.

They should update debating to the Internet Age.  I vote webcomic-debates.  Or vlogbrother-style exchanges.  They could stretch out over the course of the entire election cycle.