On hyperbole and learning language

One of the most popular literary devices in everyday speech is hyperbole.  Everyone uses it.  And almost everyone learned about it in high school.  Unfortunately, most people don't use it very well, and aren't very aware of what they're doing when they use it. This occurs to me because I was recently scrolling through the #fml tag on Tumblr and there were a lot of posts by teenagers that said things like "OMG MY LIFE IS OVER".

These people get made fun of a lot, which I don't think is really fair.  They're learning how to use the language they speak in creative and expressive ways, which often entails use of metaphor, hyperbole and loads of other cool devices that require the speaker to say technically untrue things to make their point.

Coupled with that, they're generally trying to express emotional pain they're not yet skilled enough to articulate, and for that lack of skill they're often dismissed.

Basically what I think I'm saying is, try for a good faith interpretation when teenagers say dumb things.