Neil Patrick Harris's Book

I have no idea what it's going to be called, but Neil Patrick Harris is signed to write a memoir.   The press release about it, according to the New York Times, describes it as "a work of imaginative nonfiction that delivers an interactive, nonlinear reading experience that breaks the boundaries of conventional memoir." That sounds awesome.  I mean, it also sounds kind of like "I'm famous, my nonfiction book doesn't have to be true," but since it's Neil Patrick Harris, I'm more interested in the stories he'd tell than the truth anyway.  And I love nonlinear fiction -- maybe this will be the light, fluffy, pop-culture parallel to House of Leaves?

It's planned for publication in Spring of 2014, so I'm not sure the book has even been written yet.  (I hope it's not just going to be ghost-written.)  I shall add it to my reading list today.