Why I love having a blog

While writing that last post, I remembered why I love having a blog.  I used to lose things on the internet, all the time -- I'm just bad at keeping track of the things I've seen, or figuring out what I'm going to want to find again later. Every computer I've owned has so many bookmarks that I can't sort through them, and in every one, it was so bloated that I just let it die and started anew when I got a new computer. While I was writing that last post, I wanted to find a specific part of a video I spent an hour searching for one late night, months ago.  It might have taken me hours.  Instead, I tried a few search terms, then found this one:

academic citation site:www.txwatson.com

I actually have secret pages under this domain name that I keep sources filed away on.  Altogether, it's awesome to have a website full of the things that I thought were important enough to show other people.