Time and quality

Regular readers may have noticed that, over the last week or so, my posts haven't been great.  There are reasons for this.  I won't say they're good reasons, but they are reasons.  I have become busy. Busy is a weirdly familiar state for me, I've been here before, and I like it here.  But just because I like it doesn't actually mean I'm any good at it -- which is what's wrong right now.  I'm terrible at balancing the demands of my environment with my time, my energy, my need for time off and space alone or with my friends.  At times like this, I have historically started to slack in every area, letting my grades slip in classes, my relationships slip in care and quality, my effort in writing or work decline just slightly.

It is my hypothesis that this is a bad thing.  I don't think I'm doing myself any favors by letting my schedule get so overwhelmed that I can't handle any of the stuff I'm doing.

But there aren't a whole bunch of easy ways for me to cut back.  My application stories for Clarion demand my attention because they need to be finished and they need to be good by December.  My classes demand a certain amount of attention because they aren't on my schedule -- I'm on theirs.  Work, obviously, requires me to be present and cognizant at particular times irrespective of my preferences.

This blog, though, is pretty much entirely in my control.

That said, my blogging is one of my favorite parts of my life as it exists at the moment.  I don't want to stop.  I have no intention of stopping.  But the current rate of work is getting heavier than I can handle, and it's pushing the quality of my work down.

So, it's time for some new (temporary) rules.

Starting with conditions:

  1. I am employed temporarily this Winter -- this rule change shall not extend beyond the length of that employment.
  2. While I may have been flexible about the exact number of words I make here before, with this new standard, I have to adhere strictly.
  3. My fiction writing has to get its share of the time that this frees up.

I'm making the following rule changes:

  1. The new minimum word count is (temporarily) 700 words every weekday.
  2. Starting tonight, my short stories have a 100 word minimum, every day, including weekends.
  3. Starting Monday, the new blogging end-of-day is 10pm.

I'm going to go eat some food, work on some writing, then go to bed -- I start work tomorrow.  And after work tomorrow, I'm going to have homework I need to work on.  And writing.  Maybe I'll be able to avoid a pileup of work this semester.