Political lies :)

I've been seeing a lot of political ads on YouTube, and I've been casually fact-checking them looking for something to do a big post about.  There have been quite a few good starts, but I haven't had enough time to actually write any of those long, fact-based posts.  I'll be coming back to that point about time later tonight. Just now, though, I saw one I didn't have to fact-check.  A Romney ad for New Hampshire just said that gas prices have doubled since Obama took office.  Doubled.  Holy crap, right?

Total crap, though.  I live in New Hampshire.  I remember paying for gas when I voted for Obama.  I remember paying over 4 dollars a gallon.  Gas is not eight dollars a gallon.

Gas is about 60 cents lower than it was at the worst of the prices when Bush was in office.  It's lower than it was at the end of the Bush years, and it's just gone up -- so, it's been even lower than that for the majority of Obama's time in office.

This was an ad that had Romney's name on it.  There was some other bull in it, too.  They said that taxes in NH for the middle class have gone up, which they haven't.

It's terrifying that we've developed a political atmosphere where the politicians are willing to just lie to get into office.