About the ads before the movie I just watched

I just saw the Dark Knight Rises (again) and I have a bit to say about that, which will come in the next post.  But first, I want to talk about some of the commercials that were on beforehand. The first one was for the second season of a TV show, called Homeland.  The premise of the show seems to be that there's a US senator (or something) who went into politics because, when he was a prisoner of war in Iraq, he got turned into a sleeper agent.

I'm not going to deny the existence of people who pursue politics for subversive reasons. But the premise of this show seems aggressively Islamaphobic. Worse, because it looks like a really good show -- good actors, complex psychology, all that fun stuff. But it hangs its plot on pumping up xenophobia and racism.

The second one is a remake of Red Dawn. I never saw the original of this movie, but as I understand it, the Russians conquer America but then a bunch of small-town jocks fight them off.  The trailer for the remake was unclear, but I wouldn't be surprised if the bad guys in this version turn out to be Muslims.

Watching the trailers before the movie, it felt like Hollywood had cut a deal with the Republican party: you break the internet so we can extort our customers, and we'll drum up another decade of post-9/11 Jingoist racism.

There were also some good trailers, though.  Killing Them Softly looks super-violent, but not the especially toxic kind that dehumanizes the victims.  And, apparently, Christopher Nolan is working with 300 and Watchmen director Zac Snyder to create next year's Superman movie, Man Of Steel.  So, that's awesome.