Wil Wheaton talks about depression

(via reddit) His post, Depression lies, takes its title from a post called Today and forever on thebloggess.com.  "Depression lies" is a quote that writer says helps her survive every day.  Some people's lives really are at risk every day from depression -- Wil starts the post talking about a friend he'd had who lost his life to suicide.

There's just one part of the post I wanted to share, in particular, though the whole thing is good, and it's short.

I remember the first week after I started meds, Anne and I were out for a walk. I felt her hand in mine, and realized that I didn’t have any lingering tension or unhappiness just buzzing around in my skull. I was just enjoying a walk with my wife, and holding her hand.

And I began to cry, because I was so happy.

I'm on medication for depression, and though it's never really been that big a jump from worse to better for me, I know how much of a difference the meds make.  The insight after which the post is named, "Depression lies," is very true -- the more depressed you are, the more convincing the lies are.  For me, meds haven't made the lies go away.  But they've subdued them.  Made them weak and unconvincing.

So I'm with Wil and Jenny.  If you're suffering from depression and you haven't tried medication, consider it.  It can save your life, and more.