My first album

I just remembered a story from my childhood. The first time I bought an album -- a CD, which was at the time the primary format -- I was terrified.

It wasn't the first time I spent money, but it was probably my biggest purchase to date -- certainly my biggest purchase of something I wasn't sure I'd like.  It was a Beatles CD.  I knew I liked the Beatles because I liked their greatest hits album.  But I was scared that the greatest hits might be their only good songs.  I found an album that had a song from the Greatest Hits, A Hard Day's Night, and, very nervously, paid fifteen dollars for it.

I was thinking about piracy earlier, and I was thinking about this.  I was thinking that if I'd had the choice, I would never have bought an album I hadn't first listened to online.  I was thinking that the fifteen dollars I had when I was twelve-ish could have been a much less scary investment, and that now, I'm older and fifteen dollars isn't so scary.

This isn't a very coherent argument.  I don't think I'm making a dramatic point here.  But I've written before (almost a year ago) about the ways that I've felt awkward about music all my life, and the fear of disappointment over the relatively huge investment fifteen dollars was when I was twelve might have fed into that.