The parties and the internet

ArsTechnica wrote a breakdown on Obama's and Romney's "Internet freedom" positions, focused primarily on Obama's, titled For Dems, "Internet freedom" means "vigorously" protecting copyrights. The basics:  Conservatives say freedom, but really want to crack down on porn and gambling.  Liberals say freedom, but really want to crack down on copyright infringement and breach of patents. (That's pointedly not to say cracking down on patent trolling.)

I have to admit that, unfortunately, I can't vote on the basis of this single issue.  It's true that copyright is -- or, should be -- a fringe issue.  It happens to be the biggest-deal fringe issue of our generation, but it's still not more important than LGBT rights or socialized medicine.

But even if I were to stake my vote on this one issue, I wouldn't know which guys to side with.  They both want to try and break the internet, but they want to do it in different ways.  The conservative side is pro-censorship and China-like national firewalls.  The liberal side wants to enforce a dying business model to avoid hard times for profitable, but nonessential, American businesses -- in the process, damaging the usefulness of the internet and creating so many laws that will be broken so often that anyone could be thrown in jail.

Then again, if porn is illegal, anyone could be thrown in jail anyway.  If there's one thing I am 100% on, it's that internet porn will die the day that the internet dies.  (Not the other way around -- nothing's killing the porn first.)

It's unfortunate, but it looks like whoever I vote for (Obama) is going to try and break the internet over the next four years.  I hope our next president doesn't do too much damage.  I hope it's too fringe for them.