The Artist: a quick review

I watched The Artist earlier, the silent film from (last year?) -- and I really enjoyed it.  Spoilers below. There were a lot of weird things about watching a silent film, though.  I've tried watching a couple before, and never really got through them.  All through the Artist, too, I kept expecting the sound to kick in.  After the opening, after the dream, when the talking pictures came into the plot, and at the end.

Still, it's a very good film.  It was fun to watch, both in the sense that it's a genuinely good movie itself and the sense that it was fun to check out a structure of entertainment I've never been exposed to in any coherent sense.  (Granted, I was watching it with my partner on a TV, with a pause button.  Still, though.)

I definitely recommend it, if you haven't seen it already.