Paul Ryan is a crazy person

It's been widely reported that Paul Ryan's acceptance speech for the Vice-Presidential nomination was full of crap.  Even Fox said so.  That's the sort of thing I tend to expect from conservative politicians these days, though.  Jay Smooth went into detail about how the GOP deals with facts just the other day:

I mean, I was surprised when I found out that Mitt Romney believes that global climate change is happening.  He's still being useless about it -- complaining that we shouldn't have to do anything because China keeps using fossil fuels -- but it's a big step that he's at least acknowledging the observed fact of climate change.

Paul Ryan, on the other hand, took his denial of reality a step further when he defended his acceptance speech, claiming that the things he said weren't actually lies.

"Read the speech. What I was saying is the president ought to be held to account for his broken promises," Ryan said in a reference to a closed GM assembly plant in his hometown.

In his Republican National Convention speech in Tampa, Fla., Ryan pointed out then-candidate Obama's visit to the plant in 2008 but did not mention the plant had already been closed when Obama arrived.

I do wonder whether there was once a time in American politics when both parties believed true things, and who differed on real, core philosophical positions.