Charity Debt: The Trevor Project

I'll be honest -- I've been thinking for a couple days about who I wanted to commit to donating to this month, and I was drawing a blank.  Not that I think there's a shortage of worthy charities in the world, but I've already listed pretty much all the ones that tend to jump to mind for me. So, I looked at what I had, and tried to figure out what categories of help I care about that aren't represented in that list.  The first one I came up with was education, but none of the charities I found jumped out at me as great ideas, right away.  The next category I searched was LGBT.

Sorted by star-rating, The Trevor Project is the first charity that comes up when you search LGBT on Charity Navigator.

I know of the Trevor Project mostly because of the Trevor Lifeline, a free suicide prevention hotline that they provide for kids around the country who are facing bullying, harassment, or abuse for their sexuality.  The number for that hotline is 1-866-488-7386.  This seems very much like the kind of charity that might have helped me, when I was younger, if things had been a little worse.  It's easy for me to imagine kids who need this.  Donating here is something I can do to make that thought a little more unrealistic.