Cincinnati's Plan

I don't think much about Cincinnati when I think about cities.  Just now, because I was going to write about it, I had to look up what state it's in.  (Ohio.)  But they've done something pretty cool, that I think deserves attention.  They've written a comprehensive city plan to guide urban planners in pushing towards city-wide goals.

Plan Cincinnati is a 222-page vision of the city over the next 20 years, and it sees a city that’s more walkable, more vibrant, more healthy, more business-friendly.

It shifts attention from downtown and Over-the-Rhine, which have undergone transformations in the past decade, focusing instead on how to strengthen the city’s other 50 neighborhoods.

They're pushing for more public transportation and better access to food -- "Eliminate food deserts and reduce air pollution and sewer discharges 40 percent by 2040" is one of the 400 recommendations.

As a species that is probably going to need to retreat to cities when we finish screwing up the green parts of the planet, this is exactly the kind of planning we need.  Making our cities better places, more livable, more inviting, and more life-affirming ought to be one of humanity's central projects.