Car Troubles Redux


Despite living in a town with a high enough population to justify public transportation, there are no such options — unless I want to get into Boston, in which case the nearest form of public transportation is a bus that’s a twenty minute drive from my house.  I could be angry at the hyper-conservative segment of US politics that resists public transportation because “America ain’t Europe, Dammit.”

Today, I finally got confirmation that, yes, the car is completely busted.  I don't have anything remotely resembling the amount of money necessary to get a new car.  So, I'm going to have to drop my classes this semester.  I have no idea how I'm going to look for a job, so I'm probably not going to get the money.

Sometimes it feels like I ought to be able to see the future.  It's what happens when something I took for granted goes away -- like a car.  I think it's because I had previously been able to plan, and what I'm seeing in that brainspace now is a big 404 where there used to be content.

I'm still really, really pissed that there isn't public transportation around here.  I still hate that I need a car around here.