SWG: Celebration VI

Hello all! I just finished up my third and penultimate day at Star Wars: Celebration VI, and it's been nothing but fantastic.

I've been working a booth most of the time, selling autographed movie posters for my girl friend's mother's business. However, even just at the booth I've been ogling the plethora of costuming that is the SW community, and it's nearly overwhelming.

The panels I've attended have been informative and intimate, even when the smaller ones have 200 people in the room. There's a comfort and ease between everyone at the con, panelists included. Most of the panels were writing "workshops" held by prominent SW authors, Aaron Allston, James Luceno, and Timothy Zahn to name some (though sadly I was unable to go to Zahn's workshop as it was filled past capacity over a half hour before it opened). I say "workshops" because they're really advice sessions, ranging from the helpful for a new writer to ground breaking even for old hats, giving new and interesting perspectives from which to write[1. I can go into them later if anyone is interested, just let me know.].

I also attended a Del Rey panel where they broke some news about a new trilogy by Christie Golden (Sword of the Jedi), and a new push to create more short SW fiction in the e-book format.

In the expo room, I've hung out with costumers and their organizations, seen Mark Hamill and George Lucas (and narrowly missed Carrie Fisher coming to our booth while I was returning from a panel), and actually held a 10 minute conversation with Timothy Zahn himself. The displays are wonderful, including set replicas of various SW scenes and locations, droid races, SW cars, custom Mandalorian helmets that double as art, and LEGO everything. I can't even begin to describe everything.

The experience is phenomenal, and I recommend that when Celebration VII happens in the next two or three years[2. This event isn't regular, with 3 year intervals between all of them except the two-year interval between C V and C VI. So it's up in the air when the next one will happen.]. If you're a big SW fan, then this is your Mecca.

I would delve in even deeper, but I don't want to get lost for hours and I'm practically crashing now at 8:30 from so much excitement and 9 hours on my feet every day for the past three.

So good night, and have a wonderful end to your weekends, as I sure will.

May the Force be with you, always, -Michael DiTommaso, the Star Wars Geek