Back to the internet

It looks like the cheesecake picture I took yesterday didn't work.  Sorry. I'm back at the internet now, but I can't stop thinking about the way I wrote yesterday.  There were some pretty big flaws -- it was prohibitively annoying to edit the posts, and the paragraphs are tiny.  Like, one sentence each.  They felt so much longer when it took as long to write each word as it takes me to write each sentence now.  But it was also nice to approach blogging as a journal of my thoughts limited to my head, rather than my thoughts bounced off of the rest of the internet.

When I got home today, I went straight to Tumblr, Boing Boing and YouTube, and I had like ten tabs open and I was going to do a big "I missed you, Internet" post.  Then, my computer froze, and I lost all those tabs.

I don't feel, though, like what I wrote yesterday was really very different from what I write every other day, and I'm still puzzling out what that means for me, and what that means about what I think blogging is.  Right now, I feel like this blog is about my experience in a hyperconnected world, and because it's about hyperconnectivity, there's nothing that's irrelevant.

I'm going to head back off into the depths of the web now.  I'll report back soon.