Technical difficulties of a new sort

Today is one of those strange days in which I am unlikely to have access to the internet.  Mostly. I still have a phone, which I'm using to type this post. The reason for this is that I am at my partner's house making cheesecake, and my partner's internet is down. I promise to post pictures of the cheesecake later today.

I would say that this is an interesting exploration of what life was like in the recent past, before the internet -- or at least before the internet was everywhere.  But, obviously, it's not. I'm still able to blog from my cell phone, I've still been browsing Reddit. I haven't been on Tumblr, but that's only because my Tumblr app is a pain in the ass.

I guess the truth is that this is an exploration of the inescapability of the internet.  I mean, I could get away if I wanted to. Some day, I might even try it for a little while. But in the meantime, I can always make it online.

I like that, and not just because I like the internet.  I like that I can't get away from this commitment. But that's just me.

In Cory Doctorow's latest talk at Google, I think it was in the QA, he talks about his daughter playing. When she thinks she's not being watched, she tries stuff even when she fails, and she keeps trying, keeps experimenting. But if she catches him looking, she stops trying, because she's embarrassed.

That exposure and embarrassment is a much bigger deal when there's never any accidental quiet in your life.

Like anyone else, I'm terrified of exposure. But I'm not sure what, exactly, I'm afraid of having exposed.

I don't know what I'm trying to say, but I feel like it's something important -- and I don't mind doing some of the thinking in public.