Some thoughts on Batman

I'm watching the Nolan Batman movies again today.  I'm about halfway through The Dark Knight, and since I don't have much of an internet connection to surf for topics,  I'm going to talk about that. I like Batman, but it's difficult to like it without some internal conflict. Every major character in Nolan's Batman believes that there's something wrong with Gotham, or the world. And every one of them take it upon themselves to fix it -- without the consent of the rest of the world.

Okay, except Bane. And that's a pretty glaring criticism of the idea.  Then again, he attacks the rights and freedoms of some people at the expense of others.

So, what's the message?  A bunch of people try to take the world into their own hands. And that's bad. But Batman tales it into his hands to fix things, and put control back into the government's and police's hands, and that's good.

My best guess at how Batman could possibly be right is pragmatism.  Almost all the bad guys have some grand philosophy that they strive to defend above all other things.  The only exceptions to that are the mob, who are interested in selfish gain, and Batman, who is interested in the wellbeing of the people of Gotham.  The moral of Nolan's Batman films might be "People come first."

Then again, there are other arguments. I read one article which defended the position that The Dark Knight is a defense of the Patriot Act.

The trouble with stories is, you don't like characters based on their objective decency. You either like who the writer wants you to like, or you don't buy the story.  I like Batman, and that makes it very difficult to figure out if I agree with him.